नेपियर घाँस

Pennisetum purpureum is a monocot C4 perennial grass in the Poaceae family. It is tall and forms in robust bamboo-like clumps. It is a heterozygous plant, but seeds rarely fully form; more often it reproduces vegetatively through stolons which are horizontal shoots above the soil that extend from the parent plant to offspring. This species has high biomass production, at about 40 tons/ha/year and can be harvested 4-6 times per year. Additionally it requires low water and nutrient inputs .Napier can be propagated through seeds, however as seed production is inconsistent, collection is difficult. Alternatively, it can be planted through stem cuttings of the stolons. The cuttings can be planted by inserting them along furrows 75 cm apart, both along and between rows.

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