Evidence of Indrakamal in cultivation in China dates to the Song Dynasty(960-1279 AD), where both wild and double-flowered forms have been depicted in paintings, such as those of the Song Emperor Huizong, and the Tenth century artist Xu Xi.The Yuan Dynasty (1271–1368) saw it on lacquerware, and the Ming Dynastyon porcelain (1368–1644). Gardenias were seen in nurseries in Guangzhou in 1794 by English statesman Sir John Barrow.Meanwhile, it was first propagated in England in August 1757 by a James Gordon of Mile End, and sold well thereafter.It was first grown in the United States in 1762, in the Charleston garden of Alexander Garden, who had moved there ten years previously.G. jasminoides has gained the Royal Horticultural Society’s Award of Garden Merit.

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